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          首頁產品中心Medical Bed Head Unit YF-BHSBD-1
          medical bed head unit is designed specifically to meet the needs of hospital wards. It is an essential gas outlet control device for the medical?gas pipeline system.


          Medical bed head unit uses high-strength industrial-grade aluminum alloy material, through the whole electrostatic spraying treatment, which is beautiful in appearance and wear-resistant. The inner of the bed head unit is divided into three-cavity or dual-channel separation settings (strong, weak, gas sub-cavity), improve the safety of the whole device.
          The Medical bed head unit is installed on the wall of the bed at a distance of 1.3m-1.5m from the ground. According to the needs of the project, it can be equipped with outlets for oxygen, suction, and compressed air. The gas pipeline is tested for 100% air tightness. And the bed head unit can be equipped with nurse calls, intercom panels, or to reserve the installation holes according to the needs of the hospital. The color of the bed head unit with panels and side panels should be customized according to the choice of hospital and the color of the ward wall.
          Completely modular and adaptable to your needs can include:
          Length according to different request
          Gas outlet, according to different standards
          Light is available in both LED and fluorescent versions. Its optical design allows perfect control of the lighting
          Power socket accept different standards and voltages
          Communication plugs (Network port, Phone…etc.)

          Panel color and pattern can be customized according to customer requirements
          Added gas terminal cover to keep the gas terminal clean and hygienic
          Continuous single or double side lamps are available, adding an aesthetic appreciation
          Designed in accordance with HTM2022 standard
          Length according to request
          Can be customized and upgraded to meet your need
          Easy to install and maintain
          Applications: general wards, ICU, PACU, ED/TRAUMA

          1.Aluminum Alloy material

          2.Medical gas outlets: American/ French/ German/British/ CIG/ JISS standards optional
          3.Can be chose light or not
          4.Three or Four channel for gas
          5.Inside trunk can fix with medical gas outlets, electrical sockets, electrical switchs and nurse call panels, etc.
          6.Surface of bed head unit can be painted into different colors according to hospitals' requests;
          7.Bed head unit can either be fixed to the wall through screws or be hung on the wall;
          8.Use in the OT/ICU/Wards.etc.
          9.Finishing:Antibacterial Powder Finishing
          10.Each unit shall be 100% factory tested
          11.Simple and good design for chose
          12.Can be chose pic for wall type
          13.The art piece and exterior desigh can be customized to meet or match a variety design requirements
          14.Medical equipment not in use can be hide by the painting sits
          15.Replace traditional bedhead nuits that make the hospital rooms more comfortable
          16.Gas and electrical channels are insulated to ensure safety