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          • 電話:400-8898-002
          • 郵箱:sales@yufengmed.com


          首頁產品中心Medical Oxygen Regulator CGA-DZ
          Oxygen regulator is a decompression device for cylinder oxygen, which ensures that the export pressure remains stable when the import pressure and the outlet flow change. Mainly used in clinical and home oxygen-absorbing therapy.?? Yufengmed provides a flexible integrated valve regulator to meet hospital cylinder gas requirements. With an inlet connection for oxygen or air according to the various standards used in different countries.?


          All of the flowmeter regulators have easily accessible flow adjustment knobs to provide hospitals with precise control of multiple gas sources.
          If you want to know more about our medical regulator, please call us at + 8618616308208 or send enquiry to sales@yufengmed.com. 

          Piston type
          Gas Type: Oxygen, Medical Air
          Flow range: 0-5, 0-10, 0-15LPM
          Chromed forged brass body for endurable and compact
          Backpressure compensated flowmeters
          3000 psi maximum inlet pressure
          Easy to read flow rate window
          Accessories: humidifier bottle, cannula
          Connecting thread: G 5/8, CGA540, G 5/8, G3 / 4, DIN477, and CGA870.

          1.Click-Style Regulator with CGA540 inlet

          2.Adjustable flow 0-15LPM
          3.Brass body anodized green
          4.single barb outlet
          5.1.5"pressure gauge
          6.Relief valve pressure:125psi(862kpa)
          8.Inlet pressure:15Mpa
          9.Outlet pressure:0.2-0.3Mpa
          10.With quick outlet