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          • 電話:400-8898-002
          • 郵箱:sales@yufengmed.com


          Medical terminal unit is used for medical gas system daily medical care and installed at gas systems delivery points(wardroom bed head units, medical pendants, and equipment wall) to provide the required medical gas.


          YUFENG medical gas outlets can provide 7 kinds of gas, including oxygen, medical air, vacuum, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and instrument air.

          Product Detail
          Japanese standard(JIS) medical gas outlet includes wall mount type and rough-in assembly type. Wall mount type is using installed on the wall, available in plastic and metal covers. Rough-in assembly type is using on the bed head unit. Connector with JIS adaptor could use oxygen flowmeter with humidifier bottle and suction regulator. In order to prevent a cross-connection, the different gas types with different quick connections. 100% tested and individually packaged. You can choose the gas type in the box and we finished according to your need.
          Color-coded for easy gas service identification
          The main body uses high-quality copper alloy, well-manufactured
          Insertion and extraction 10000 times without failure
          100% pressure and leak-tested, can be used safely and securely
          Built-in check valve, safely cut off the gas source when the probe is pulled out
          JIS/Japanese standard Gas-specific adapters
          Swivel pipe design for easy installation
          8 mm piping/10 mm piping

          1.100% tested for gas leakage

          2.10000 times Swap Fatigue Test
          3.ISO32 color atandard is applied in distinguishing different colors
          4.Designed with valve for the convenience of maintence
          5.The socks in medical gas outlet for different gases are different shapes so that the supply of gases can not be confused
          6.JISstandard medical gas outlet are manufactured according to JISZ7101-2014 standard and JISZ8721/8102 standard
          7.Each outlet is supplied with Flush/Surface Box or Bed Head Plate mounting options
          8.Gas type :O2,VAC,AIR,N2O
          9.Connectedn by pipe
          10.The connector of the same size can be exchanged
          11.Pressure lid can be disassembled during maintenance
          13.Available with box and without box
          14.CE marked