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          • 電話:400-8898-002
          • 郵箱:sales@yufengmed.com


          German DIN standard medical gas oxygen outlets are installed at medical gas systems delivery points. Available wall mounting, bed head mounting, and pendant mounting.


          Product Detail
          German DIN Standard Medical Gas Oxygen Outlets are installed at medical gas systems delivery points. The base part made of brass alloy. Twice outlet connection. With shut-off valve can maintain without having to interrupt gas delivery to other outlets. Only accept German DIN standard quick connect adapters. Different gas types with different quick-connect adapters.
          Completely with EN 737-1:1998 and DIN 13620-2 standard
          Gas Type: O2, AIR, VAC, N2O, N2, CO2 are available
          O.D. 10 mm copper pipeline
          ISO32 color-coded for easy gas identification
          100% tested for flow, leaks and cleaned
          Wall mounting, Bead Head mounting and Pendant mounting available

          1.100% tested for gas leakage

          2.10000 times Swap Fatigue Test
          3.ISO32 color atandard is applied in distinguishing different colors
          4.Designed with valve for the convenience of maintence
          5.The socks in medical gas outlet for different gases are different shapes so that the supply of gases can not be confused
          6.Gernman standard medical gas outlet are manufactured according to EN737-1:1988 atandard and DIN13260-2 standard
          7.Each outlet is supplied with Flush/Surface Box or Bed Head Plate mounting options
          8.Gas type :O2,VAC,AIR,N2,N2O,CO2
          9.Connectedn by pipe
          10.The connector of the same size can be exchanged
          11.Pressure lid can be disassembled during maintenance
          13.Available with box and without box
          14.CE marked