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          • 電話:400-8898-002
          • 郵箱:sales@yufengmed.com


          首頁產品中心Medical Gas Manifold SystemYF-LMJHLP
          The GAS MANIFOLD system designed to be connected to an oxygen Generator, the system?provides full autonomy to healthcare facilities: they can easily manage peak consumption flows and fill their own cylinders.


          Product Detail
          We offers a full range of high-pressure oxygen cylinder filling systems allowing to fill daily 10 to 100 medical oxygen cylinders at a pressure of 150 to 200 bar. 
          our system strictly according to the industry standards for the design, production, product technical performance safety, and reliability. The oxygen cylinder filling system uses low speed and heavy load design to effectively guarantee the life of wearing parts while reducing noise and vibration of equipment.

          Medical Manual Manifold Systems

          Input Pressure:15MPA
          Output Pressure: 0.07MPa ~1.4MPa
          Reducer:Use high flow pressure reducer
          Inside of  the hose is 304 stainless steel
          Pigtails: stainless steel and size is male G5/8
          One-way valve / Non-returning valve
          2x4(8cylinder) for Oxygen automatic manifold system complete,can be OEM
          Max. Output Flow Rate :100Nm3/hour