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          • 郵箱:sales@yufengmed.com


          首頁產品中心Oxygen FlowmeterYF-05E
          Wall Fixed Gas Flowmeter has the function of humidifying and filtering oxygen and medical air. It is mainly used in the medical center gas supply system, emergency rooms patient rooms, and ambulance. It’s an indispensable instrument for emergency therapy and hypoxia patients for inhalation.


          1.Valve Material:Aluminum
          2.Integration foundry flowmeter ,using digit control machine tool to precision machining
          3.Outlet screw:8mm
          4.Outlet pressure:0.2-0.3Mpa
          5.Flow rate: 1-15L/min
          6.Connect inlet Adapter:Ohmeda,DISS,Chemetron,DIN,AFNOR,BS,CIG,JIS
          7.Humidifier Capacity:200ml and high quality Polycarbonate bottle autoclave 121℃
          8.Polycarbonate outer and inner tubes for maximum durability and life time
          9.Accuracy:Grade 4
          10.Gas :O2