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          • 電話:400-8898-002
          • 郵箱:sales@yufengmed.com


          LED Area alarm is a professional design for hospital nurse station, engine room monitoring gas pressure compact to fit where you need it. Capable of handling up to 7 gases, easy to install, sound and light alarm. Display medical gas information on the LED panel.


          Product Detail
          YUFENG medical gas alarm panel area alarm adapter diffusion silicon pressure transmitter collecting pressure, via MCU CPU Process Display, external pressure sensor, could let multi-channel sensor signal merger and set inside the box.
          Working monitor pressure range 0.1 Mpa -1.6Mpa. The unit can be PSI, MPA, BAR. Easy read-out shall provide a constant indication of each gas being measured, have five indicator light a green “NORMAL”, a red “High Early Warning ”, a red “HIGH”, “LOW” alarm condition and “LOW Early Warning ”.

          ◆  Sensor high accuracy
          ◆  Using a 0.8 -inch nixie tube display pressure, LED display directly and clear to read
          ◆  Glass Panel, Ultra-thin, and beauty, easy to install
          ◆  Sampling points distance up to 1000 meter

          ◆  100% tested to ensure accuracy

          1.Input power:AC100-240V, DC 24+5%
          2.Units:MPa, KPa, PSI, inHg, Bar, mmHg
          3.Digital one 
          4.Pressure range: -0.1MPa-1.0MPa
          5.Gas:O2,VAC,AIR,CO2,N2,N2O and so on
          7.RS485 interface
          8.Touching mute button, can be mute at abnormal condition
          9.Pressure sensor acquire the gas pressure signal to achieve the 0.1 grade accuracy
          10.Audible and visual alarm