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          • E-mail:sales@yufengmed.com


          HOMEPRODUCTZone Valve BoxYF-ZDX
          Yufeng multiple zone valve box is available in single (houses 1 valve) or multiple (houses 2 to 6 valves) types, accommodating a variety of valve sizes.


          Product Detail
          Medical gas zone valve boxes can be used to shut off the gases distributed to different individual areas of the hospital.
          A single box can hold from 1 to 6 valves, allowing control of 6 types of gas. All valves are cleaned for medical gas service and include dual gauge ports on the valve extensions. The valve is using stainless steel material ball valve, 100% gas tightness test.
          Medical Gas Standard
          Type “K” copper pipe extensions that are cleaned for medical gas service shall be fitted into each side of the valve.
          The valve is been oxygen cleaned
          Features a pull-out with the ring
          Stainless steel ball valve
          Different gas type and size is available(mm or inch)

          Oxygen Hospital Zone Valve Box With Alarm

          Box Material:Stainless-steel
          Pipe Material:Stainless-steel
          Stainless-steel 3 pieces ball valves
          Valve Size:Available in Size 1/2-2''
          Sized up to 6 kinds of gases
          Color-coded labels for identity gas services
          Pressure Displayer  Digital Pressure Meter or Gauge Reading
          Easy access pull out window
          Units of gauge available in PSI, MPA